Survey on Victims of Bank Frauds

Please participate in the Survey on Victims of Cyber Crimes in Banks.

I am doing a research in Madras University on "Cyber Crime in Banks". As part of my Ph D I need to collect data on cyber crime in banks. I hereby request the visitors to this site, to participate in the survey / questionnaire provided under the link as below. Let me assure you, any information provided hereunder will be treated with utmost confidence and privacy and be used for the purpose intended ie analysis of victims' perspectives in a cyber crime for the academic research work and will not be used in any other manner. As a legal practitioner mainly on cyber laws, any query on issues concerning cyber crimes especially in banking and other financial transactions, may be referred to me. In case you are a victim of any kind of crime or an offence or a fraudulent transaction in banks, then you will be the right subject for the survey. Anyone who is not a victims of bank fraud or a cyber crime in banks and not having lost money but only with a complaint which has since been settled satisfactorily or still pending may also participate in the survey.
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Authorship ANd Articles

“Security Concerns in electronic delivery channels in Banks” in the Technology Special Issue of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance’s journal “Bank Quest” in its July 2007 issue. Click here for the full text of the article.